Then the wind rustles through -- 

the grand gusty WHOOSH!

Colors go flying

as leaves swirl and swoosh.​..


Words and Willows



So we play. We crunch and we pounce-glide-and-roll.

We shake the snow from the trees. 

We slip, we slide, we shovel and dig.

We tunnel on hands and knees...

Gathering sticks and fancy plants

and green moss by the pond,

we craft a fairy cottage

​and a milkweed magic wand...


Shannon Beltz Mayhew

​​Now the clouds sprinkle tiny-wet-shiny drops down, 

that tickle the twigs with a trickling sound...

I love playing outside-- in the woods, in the creek, climbing trees, grassy knees...  skipping stones, hide-and-seek, mud pies, sunset skies,..  In my stories, you'll tend to find children having adventures like these.

Below are excerpts from my series of lyrical picture books that celebrate the magic of playing in nature in the changing seasons. Come along with a young girl and her brother on a backyard romp through the senses, as the spring rain coaxes new colors to life, the summer sun glistens on sparkly stones, the fall wind whooshes in for a gusty play date, and the first snowflakes of winter float down to land on chilled cheeks!  

To request full manuscripts of any of the above, please contact me via email. And check back here often for updates on my other projects in the works.

You can also find me writing on my blog, Presence and Prose, and on my guided meditations YouTube channel of the same name.