Wisdom Wood

- Yoga and Retreat Community-

I've been teaching yoga since 2001, and I lead classes, workshops and retreats at local yoga studios, schools, businesses, and retreat centers. I love the sense of wholeness and renewal that I feel when I go on yoga retreats, or even when I just take some time to walk in the woods. What I find challenging is when I come home from a retreat, or a beautiful hike, and I want to integrate the feelings of peace, wonder and empowerment with my daily life and responsibilities. I created Wisdom Wood as a way of being on retreat while being "in life," and to build a community who could come together for support and inspiration. 

We have classes, workshops, and retreats going on out there in the "real word" too! Click above to see what's going on. 



Wisdom Wood Facebook Community

Wisdom Wood on Facebook is where you can visit any time to stay centered and find renewed dedication to your practices, between classes and retreats. Pull up a  cushion and have tea with us in this virtual retreat center.

Shannon Beltz Mayhew